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Our Promises


Christ is our North Star and we are committed to following him

We support the Church, her local parishes, and Christian ministries

We support the development of new resources that benefit Christ's people


We track and share every where every dollar is invested

We will submit to independent audits to provide contributors peace of mind

We do not pay ourselves lofty salaries - TrueSigns for us is a labor of love for and in Christ

We aim to use each dollar responsibly and efficiently to help foster love of Christ across the globe


90¢ of every dollar we receive goes to publishing more Christ-centering Messages

We strive to increase our messaging budget to 95¢ of every dollar

We are a small team and will only grow as proceeds allow

Our expenses are already barebones and we strive to keep them low and lower them even further

We strive to invest the most time, money, and energy as we possibly can into getting good done for Christ

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