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The Team

Inspiration Strikes

The inspiration for TrueSigns came December 2021 after seeing Knights of Columbus 'Keep Christ in Christmas' billboards throughout New Orleans and recognizing how easy it is to forget God in our daily lives. How beautiful would it be to see reminders of Christ's love instead of commercial advertisements on our daily commutes and while surfing the web?

$100 can stretch incredibly far in digital marketing, and advertising campaigns are increasingly data-driven, efficient, and targetable. Why not test drive some messaging in the hope of touching lives and inspiring wider support?

After 12 months and some setbacks, TrueSigns is finally launching to help re-center Christ in our daily lives, especially in a world where checking out feels easier than reaching out to God.

We hope you'll find TrueSigns in your neighborhood soon, and consider helping share these messages with others.

Join The Team

TrueSigns is currently a barebones evangelism project of Getting Good Done, but we have aspirations of streamlining our operations and expanding our mission.

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